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Best Buy Unveils Rebranding That Was a Year in The Making

  By Adrianne Pasquarelli.  Best Buy is tapping its own 100,000 blue-shirted employees as the stars of its new marketing campaign, a rebranding effort designed to highlight the retailer’s personalized customer service. On Wednesday, the Minneapolis-based electronics chain is rolling out a new website and logo, and will air TV spots later this week. Best Buy […]

Getting to the top is hard, staying there is even harder.

Open Table Case Study by Sequitur Everybody knows OpenTable. Even our moms. Which is cool, because they never seem to understand what we do. Anyway, when the folks on the restaurant side of the company reached out to us with a tasty, challenging problem to solve, we leapt at the chance. Basically, they were the first-mover in […]

For Illustrators, the iPad Pro Is (Almost) an Everyday Computer

By: Jason Tselentis Can an iPad Pro replace your laptop? Is it a computer or a tablet? A production machine or a toy? Those questions have been dogging the iPad Pro since it was introduced in autumn 2015. When the latest iPad Pro debuted in 2017, with a more robust version of iOS that included file management […]

5 Steps to Finding Your Next Big Idea from Spanx’s Sara Blakely

There’s a myth amongst entrepreneurs of the “lightning strike” — the “aha” moment when an idea just comes to you. In reality, it’s rare to find a successful scale entrepreneur whose big idea landed on their lap. It’s more likely they were already on the hunt. If you want to find your big business idea, […]

How the Old Testament can sometimes be as handy as the HBR when rallying teams around your vision of the promised land.

Rudi O’MearaFollow Founder, Principal & Creative Director @sequitur and speaker at the VMA Design Conference on June 15, as part of AIGA’s SF Design Week. Parting the Waters Little did I know, as an altar boy growing up in Colorado, that I would eventually find myself teaching corporations to love the Old Testament. But, as it […]

The Future of Birds in our National Parks

Eric RodenbeckFollow Father, husband. I founded Stamen Design in 2001. Board member, KRF & CAST. Entrepreneur, designer, artist, board member & dreamer. The birds you expect to see in your favorite National Park may be radically changing soon due to climate change. It’s been a joy and an honor to help the @audubonsociety with the visualizations in […]

Custom Packaging Reaches A New High With The Cannabis Industry

With the legalization of marijuana in many states in the U.S., the cannabis industry is becoming more and more mainstream across the country. This emerging market is seeing a huge explosion in sales of cannabis products. In 2017, the sales of cannabis products exceeded the liquor sales in the city of Aspen, Colorado. And those numbers […]

Making a 32ft wide mural for SPUR

Alec BurchFollow Visualizing data at @Stamen. We keep finding ourselves here. Last time I published an article I spoke about how I went about creating a 3D cut map for Matson’s office in Oakland with Stamen. In this post I’ll outline what it took to make a 32′x10′ high res satellite image (that’s 13,824,000 pixels) for SPUR’s office […]

Whiskey Series Takes Inspiration From Wild West

Born in upstate New York but “like many freedom loving Americans before him,” Josh Jevons made the journey west. Now based in Denver CO, Jevons has used this as an inspiration for packaging for the Grand Teton Distillery that captures the spirit of the Wild West. The series visualizes stories and myths of legendary pioneers, frontiersmen and adventurers of the wild American west. Says Jevons: […]