How to Make a Design Conference Happen

So, what’s new about that? It’s been done before – no? Perhaps you’ve done one yourself. Or a wedding? A Bar Mitzvah? They aren’t exactly the same but there are quite a few similar considerations along with their divergent purposes.

Unlike a wedding where you may be more concerned about having too many positive responses that might overextend your budget or overload your venue, when planning a conference you concern yourself with getting the butts in seats – along with over extending the budget AND overloading the venue.

In both cases you want to make sure you deliver on your promise. At a wedding both bride and groom need to show up and be happy to be there. At the Bar Mitzvah the kid needs to do his part as expertly as possible. And then, of course, you want people to leave happy, inspired and glad they attended. Perhaps that’s more important for a conference than these milestone events.

So, how shall we accomplish this? Keeping relevant is key, and creating memorable experiences for attendees is hugely important. Visual Media is keeping up with the trends of 2016, looking to bring you an event that is not only meaningful and useful, but also a contemporary and interactive experience. It is called re:think and it will happen on June 9 at the Midway in San Francisco in conjunction with AIGA’s SF Design Week.

The big ‘e’ word in events is still engagement in 2016 and we are putting strategies in place just for that purpose.

Now, we don’t want to give it all away, at least not all at once, but stay tuned for peek at what our presenters are preparing and, as well, those little extras that will keep you engaged. (Although we may decide just to surprise you.) We are thinking of out-of-the-box, exploring creative ways to provide the experience you deserve, while still staying in alignment with your business objectives.

If you want to stay tuned into the planning, subscribe to this blog. Even better, take advantage of the limited opportunity to register yourself and a guest for free to the Cheese or Font-due Happy Hour that follows the conference. With that we will have captured your email address and be able to send you all the lastest happening.

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