Claudio Guglieri

Claudio Guglieri

Creative Director

Making Technology More Natural
From the moment we are born we are hardwired to understand our world and explore it through our senses. We are able to touch, see, hear and feel what’s around us. In addition at some point in our lives most of us have learned how to use computers and have been trained to understand the rules that govern their world. These two worlds have coexisted for a long time but are now getting closer to each other via new technologies.

In this talk Claudio will share some of the bits and pieces that are inspiring the team at Microsoft to develop Fluent Design, to make technology more accessible, easier to digest and closer to our understanding of the world.

Speaker Bio
Claudio Guglieri is a Creative Director at Microsoft where he leads the Art Direction of Fluent Design, Microsoft’s own design system. Prior to this he managed design teams that worked on future audio and video experiences for Windows. He has done extensive work at agencies in the UK and the US where he drove the design efforts for a variety of clients such as Apple, Adobe, CNN, Reuters, EA, Google and Viacom among others.

Claudio is passionate about interactive design, emotional experiences and helping others to achieve more through his work. Over the years his work has been awarded by the Emmy Awards, the One Show Interactive, the European Design Awards, TheFWA and Awwwards.