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Mark Schwartz

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What Makes You Click?
Social media is much more likely to introduce someone to a website, product, or idea for the first time. But for some reason, in the design world, it seems that making the Facebook — or other social posts — is the very last thing a company asks for — and the designer develops. Why?

A journey doesn’t begin halfway up the mountain – it starts at the very bottom.

You have to know what path you’re taking up the trail — to make sure you are reach the right destination… otherwise it’s easy to get lost.

So… why is the main actionable tool that enables people to discover your website, thought about the least?

Mark Schwartz, Founder of Social Media Trackers will be speaking about “What Makes Me Click” a humorous, but thought provoking anecdotal look through a social media strategist’s eyes, including:

  1. The evolution of social media,
  2. The difference between designing social media content and campaigns that really work or really fail, and why social posts that are designed and developed at the start of a new project – not crammed in at the end – have a much higher rate of success.
  3. And…um… what is social media success anyway – and how do you judge it?
  4. With so much content online, how do you create/design posts that not only grabs people’s attention, but makes the audience want to take action?
  5. How creating/testing social content can revolutionize the way you design, and provide answers on what designs will have the most impact for your client’s audience.

Speaker Bio
Mark Schwartz is the Founder of Social Media Trackers, a social media strategy agency founded in 2016 that combines top level content, technology, analytics and strategy to help small medium and large businesses utilize data and research to drive online sales conversions. Some of his clients include Propel, Star Wars, Facebook, Natalie B Jewelry, VMA, and More. His strategies and content have appeared in articles in Wired, Forbes, and the Independent Business Times.

Mark was previously the Director of Digital Content and Social Media for The Wiseman Group. He has been a producer of social strategy for the past 6 years, and producer of online content and video production for over 12 years. His background includes social media strategy, digital marketing, producing high-end online videos and content, directing, editing, writing, and project management. Mark has developed content marketing strategies across all aspects of the social spectrum, for some of the biggest names in the induSavestry, in order to help enhance sales through targeted optimization.

Mark has produced everything from film, television, commercials, and created social strategy for cable networks, technologies, automobiles, and authors. The laundry list includes: Cisco, Zynga, CBS, Fox, ABC, NBC, MTV, and Audi to name a few. Social Media writer at TDA, to Senior Producer at Coincident.TV, Mark was also a pioneer in the development of ITVML technology (Interactive Television Mark-Up Language), which is currently being used in the new interactive video space. In 2010, Mark helped create the ‘Glee Super-Fan Experience’, a new integration of video and social media, which lived on and was nominated for the Primetime Interactive Media Emmy Award. In 2011, Mark helped build a social video campaign for Audi, which was nominated for the 2011 IAB MIXX Award.

Mark holds a B.A. in Directing and Creative Writing from the University of Arizona and is a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Mark has a deep passion for finding ways to disrupt and monetize the changing on-line video and social media eco-system, design social marketing strategies, and then analyzing the collected data.

He founded of Social Media Trackers, a social media strategy agency. SMT focuses on developing strategic social marketing systems with a combination of strategy, audience development & research, technical social media expertise, strategic content development and data tracking. These strategies track ROI, develop Facebook Ad funnels, drive traffic, increase online conversions for products & services, enhance brand awareness, and much more.