Rudi O'Meara

Rudi O’Meara


Make the Logo Smaller
With Edmundo Ortega
We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been asked, ‘So, branding—what’s that, like, designing logos or something?’ Well, yes and no. Actually, more no and no these days. See, way back when, what you looked like and how quickly people recognized you was basically what branding entailed. Back then, studios like ours dedicated their energies to crafting brands the way ranchers once forged them—for searing their mark on the cattle (AKA consumers) that belonged to them. Thankfully, those days are gone. Long gone. Good riddance.

Anyway, this is the story of how we went from old-school, identity-focused design agency to straight-up strategic consultancy—focused more on how companies act than how they look. Along the way, we’ve learned our fair share about what works, what scares the bejesus out of clients, and how to work with them to get to know their customers better (and do them a solid every now and again). Think of it as a little walk through 13 years of instructive failures and successes we can rarely take credit for.

Speaker Bio
Rudi has over 20 years of experience leading cross-disciplinary creative teams within agencies and on the client-side. Rudi is the founder of Sequitur, a brand intelligence agency focused on helping clients which run the gamut from super lean start-ups to Fortune 500 heavyweights. And lately, Sequitur has been working with the likes of OpenTable, Genetech, Twitter, Intuit, Clif Bar, and Dolby Labs (among others) to use qualitative insights to clarify their vision, align their teams, and communicate convincingly to the world. Other past clients include Apple, Autodesk, eBay, Facebook, Juniper Networks, Kendall-Jackson, Nikon, Oracle, Timbuk2, Trulia, and Yahoo!

Prior to forming Sequitur, Rudi has helped lead the internal creative studio at Autodesk—directing a hard-charging team of messaging, design, and production aces charged with the development and extension of a seamless global brand across all touchpoints (including digital, print, environments, packaging, interface, events, and advertising). He was also formerly Creative Director at Intraware, Principal at Litmus, Communications Manager at Pacific Northwest Ballet, Associate Art Director at Interplay, and Assistant Production Manager at Sugarloaf Films.

Earlier in his career, his design work was regularly recognized by the likes of CA (Communication Arts), Print, and HOW Magazines—as well numerous other design annuals including those from Graphis, AIGA, IABC, and Rockport Publishers.

His specialties include: Qualitative Research, Brand Strategy, Competitive Positioning, Audience Segmentation, Strategic Messaging, Corporate Identity, Campaign Strategy, Video Production, Communication Design, Product Packaging, Environmental Design, Event Production, and Advertising.