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Sherine Kazim

Sherine Kazim Design
Product Strategist and Experience Designer

“Design Ethics and Emotive Experiences”
From delight to depressing, emotion is often thought of as a byproduct of design, rather than the driver of a great experience. But, emotion is a critical new dimension of design – one that should be governed by ethics. While designers continue to think about functionality and the way things look, there should be more discussion around the emotions that these products create, our approach to capturing them, and our responsibility to protect users.

About the Speaker
Sherine is a design leader creating industry-changing products and experiences for Fortune 500 companies, agencies, startups, and foundations. Throughout her 20-year career, she has led Experience Design teams within the physical and digital realms, transforming hardware, software, retail and connected environments for clients such as LG, Twitter, Verizon, EA, and Philips Labs.